Thursday, April 24, 2014


One of Lyla's  current favorite pastimes is pull out all the silverware while I am trying to load the dish washer. This drives me crazy, I mean crazy! The main item she loves to  try and grab is almost always the knifes...good times, good times.

With that said, I remind her about every 10 seconds to stop reaching for the utensils. She usually stops for a moment, but for some reason keeps trying...I guess to see if I have forgotten in the last few seconds that I don't want her to touch and take off running with a sharp object?? Well the other day it went a little something like this.

Lyla, no touching.
Lyla, mama said no.
No, no.

Getting more irritated, I yelled, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TOUCHING!"

To which my wild girl looked up at me and replied, " OOOOOOTTTAAAAAYYYYYY!"

I got a surprised look on my face and sternly said, "Lyla Diane, you do NOT talk to mama like that."

She looked at me and replied in her softest Anna voice, "otaaaaay. bye." (if you have seen frozen you will get the reference)

So, I guess it looks like I might need to do the dishes during nap time.
Also, two should be a really fun age. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

don't conform.

{source: gods fingerprints }

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is his good, pleasing and perfect will. // Romans 12:2

We live in a lost world. A world that is selfish, accepts sins, kindness can be rare, and in a world that has pain, loss, and sickness. Be set apart from this world, be a light in the darkness, be the kindness to the hurting, be only a way God and the Holy spirit can change you.

transformed: to change in composition or structure

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

birthday, easter, weekend recap.

It was a lovely and busy weekend. // we decorated eggs // played with sidewalk chalk // rode bikes // had three egg hunts, including a glow in the dark one // decorated our baskets with stickers // had a fifth birthday // ordered 48 donuts //  made a donut cake // played survivor style games // went to park // played with water balloons // played with cousins //  had a lovely evening by the fire with good company // ate pizza, jimmy johns, and the world best potato salad // "planted" jelly beans and they "magically" grew into ring pops over night // received more candy than we know what to do with // got fancy for church // went to  church and celebrated the resurrection // taught sunday school // hung out with family // ended sunday night with our traditional meal of cereal...followed by snuggling and amazing race watching //

How was your Easter?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

birthday boy.

This boy turns 5 on Saturday. For some reason this kid really pulls at my heart strings. I don't know if it because he turned my world upside down by showing up almost 6 weeks early...and I waited for what felt like the worlds longest 12 days before I was allowed to take him home. Maybe it's because he cried for about 4 or 5 hours a day for the first 10 months of his life, causing me to be his main care taker. It might also be because he has these sea glass colored eyes like none I've see before, and dimples that he inherited from the hubs that just melt my heart.

Jude has strong opinions about my cooking...or lack of pizza making skills.  He loves only the chocolate part of the smores, and still consumes enough milk to supply a small village. He is a realist and calls them like he sees them.  He loves it when I make pumpkin bread, and gets mad when we eat all  the cheesecake and don't leave him a slice. He is insanely honest, and for the longest time he couldn't remember the difference between tomatoes and potatoes. Currently he wants to be a scientist, and this past Thanksgiving became a vegetarian for about 3 days. He has a love and hunger to learn about Jesus. He used to a tad bit mischievous and has mostly grow out of that phase, mostly. Like myself, he likes to wake up slow, and spend as much time as he can relaxing, and snuggling in the morning. Like the hubs he likes playing baseball, the Dolphins, cheers on the Cardinals, and will watch golf on TV. He has a tender heart, he loves Elisabeth, torments Lyla, looks forward to Survivor night, and donuts might be his love language. He thinks the hubs is the strongest man in the world, right after God...and Rocky Balboa. Jude is a fairly quiet fella, but when he does talk and gets excited his voices gets higher and higher. He rarely sings, the 3 songs he does enjoy singing happen to be eye of the tiger, monster mash, and feliz navidad. He is so smart, I know most moms think their kiddos are smart...but this kid just gets it. He loves games shows, numbers, waiting for the clock to turn 11:11 so he can make a wish, and he might be the worlds biggest Wipeout fan.

When Jude was about two, or so, he used to say, "I miss you mama." even though I was sitting right next to that he is growing up so rapidly before my eyes...I am beginning to think he was on to something...

Happy Birthday Jude!! I love you so much! You are such a blessing and I thank God everyday for you. I hope you are feel it in your heart how much I love you.  xoxo. mom.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


A while back a certain member of our house hold (who shall remain nameless) unknowing bought the really, really, really, really cheap toilet paper. You know the kind they place in gas station restrooms and look almost transparent? Let me just tell you in a house with 3 small kids cheap toilet paper doesn't fly. We made the deal that day to add toilet paper to the list of things we don't try to save major money on. (however if you like saving money Cottonelle has $1.50 coupon)

You know whose toilet paper isn't thin? Cottonelle...seriously this stuff it thick. They also make flush-able wipes...which is really handy when it comes to kids and all things restroom related. Speaking of kids and bathroom duties...can I tell you how much I loathe potty training? I mean seriously with my two oldest I thought potty training them was going to be the end of me. I was always in shock, and majorly jealous, when I heard about those kids who were potty trained at 18 months or something crazy like that. You name it, I have tried it in order to kick off the potty training...a potty party, watching potty movies, bribing with candy. However, my personal experience has been they will go when they are ready. My goal was always to never have two in diapers. With baby #4 coming in September, I need to start laying down the law with Lyla. I am dreading it. She seems real happy to sit on the potty (which is more than I can say for Jude, who screamed)  She is overjoyed to grab her flush-able wipe and even "pretend" to go to the we will take it one day at a time.

While I am talking about bums and toilets...can I also say that when Jude gets older he will be the official toilet cleaner. I for the life of me I can't understand how little boys manage to miss so badly when using the using the restroom, at least the one in my house does. Note: flush-able wipes are also great for cleaning toilets. 

This is the first time I have purchased flush-able wipes.  Personally, this pregnant lady likes the way the wipes smell...which says a lot because these days I strongly dislike the way 90% of things smell. They are also: flush-able, break up after flushing, sewer and septic-safe, and alcohol-free.

So have you ever used flush-able wipes? 
How do you handle potty training? (don't hold out on me if you have great tips!)

Thanks Cottonelle for sponsoring this post about bums, potty training (or lack there of), and toilets.

Monday, April 14, 2014

a frozen cake.

A few years ago Elisabeth really wanted an Ariel princess cake for her birthday. The main problem with that was the local bakery only had Barbie...not Ariel...that was not going to work for my mermaid obsessed 5 year old. The cake also came with a $45 price tag....umm ouch...I would much rather spend $45 more dollars on birthday presents than a cake...I am super frugal like that. So, I set out to figure out to make those doll cakes myself. Turns out it is actually super easy. This year Elisabeth wanted an Anna cake...and a Frozen cake she got.

You'll need:
cake pan 
Pyrex bowl(s) or any oven safe baking bowl/circle pan (just make sure it is over safe!)
2-3 boxes of cake mix
one character doll (I like to use the ones with painted bodies so I don't ruin the clothes with icing)

Make and mix cake mixes according to package // Bake your cakes in the pan and bowls...baking times may very so keep a watch in them  // I like to use either 1 1/2 boxes on the round cake pan to give the cake height with one Pyrex bowl cake ... or use one box in the cake pan and use two Pyrex bowls the second bowl being one of those really small dishes you would use for condiments...just stack your pans and bowls to see it the height will match up...sorry the directions were so lame on that last is really sort of a guessing game depending on the pans you have // when you have your cakes cooked and cooled stack them on top of each other and cut a circle in the center...not too big...just big enough to slip doll inside the center // Then you should be good to add icing and decorate // 

This is a simple cake to make and the price is even better. This cost me $15 including the cost of the doll.

p.s. This by no means is a professional cake...just budget friendly. 

Do you make your on cakes?

Friday, April 11, 2014

easter baskets and a book giveaway.

So Easter is like, what  a week away? Yesterday I begged the hubs to dig out the Easter box from the basement, which by the way has a total of three decorations. I can never seem to find cute Jesus based decorations, and I don't dig the Easter Bunny. I always tell my self I am going to get more decorations after Easter when everything goes on clearance, but atlas I never do.

Last year I got plastic buns (#3) from The Dollar Tree to use as Easter baskets. I let the kids decorate the bins with stickers, they loved it so much they asked to do it again this year. The best a part about using bins, is that you can keep them for storage afterwards.

Mostly each year I put the same items in their baskets: markers, chalk, the classic chocolate bunny, books, bubble gum, candy, and of course bubbles. We seem to go through bubble like crazy, and by "go through" I mean spill. 

This year I want to try the resurrection eggs with the kiddos, and last year we "planted" jellybeans in the ground and overnight they "magically"  grew into suckers..they got a kick out of that!

Want a chance to win God Bless Our Easter from Tommy Nelson? ( us residents only )   

Just tell me what do you love most about Easter?
How do you celebrate the season? 
What are your favorite items to fill the baskets with?

p.s. my other giveaway ends soon.