Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hashtag: formula for happiness

Bringing home a newborn is such a wonderful and life altering experience. I should know, I've done it four times. Each time I got better at it, and more comfortable in my own skin as a parent. 

When you bring this sweet little bundle home, you are so in love, so happy, so ready to be a mom. Then week two of having a newborn hits you, the exhaustion hits you, the reality of caring for a little human you know nothing about  hits you. I like to call week two, the week from hades. Thoughts like, I'm never going to sleep again, or shower again, or read a book again, run through your mind. I'm here to assure you, that you will sleep again, manage to care for yourself, and will read again...probably something by Dr. Seuss...but hey, reading is reading. 

I leaned a few tricks of the trade to make the newborn stage an easier transition. 

Burp. And burp often. Even when you think you've gotten a burp, burp again. Baby seems fussy? Sticks out his/her tough? Arches back? Most likely baby needs to burp. 

Figure out what sleeping technique is going to work best for you and baby. I'm a huge fan of sleep training. I learned sleeping was key for me to be an effective parent. I used the book 12 hour by 12 weeks with all four of my babies. It worked with all four of them. 

Get a baby swing. Maybe it's a fluke but all four of my babies LOVED the swing. While baby was swinging I was able to get a few things done...and by "few things done" ... I mean watch Netflix and drink coffee.

Try a pacifier. Only one of my four children took one. I kid you not,  I tried to force it on the rest, but atlas it didn't work. Pacifiers are wonderful soothers and also help prevent against SIDS. 

Sleep sacks. I finally got a sleep sack with my youngest, and I found myself wondering why oh why I didn't own one prior. Most babies love to be swaddled and the sleep sacks do all the work for you. 

Rest and sleep when you can. Trial and error and key to finding what works best for you and baby. Remember to enjoy the newborn stage because you will blink and your baby won't be so much of a baby anymore. 

"Quiet down cobwebs / dust go to sleep / I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep. " 

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Friday, July 17, 2015

summer, bored, and backyard tic tac toe.

I told myself, over and over again, that I was going to allow my kids to be bored this summer. I told myself I was going to let them figure out games on their own, play in the basement, play with toys they hadn't been able to play with since Christmas...

Yeah. Well, that lasted a total of about 5 seconds. I don't know about bored kids in your house, but in my house migrate towards me...and stand under my feet...and stare at me...and ask me for rather than feel like a sardine in the Kitchen while I attempt to feed the littles for the 3rd time in one day (I mean seriously. Why do they have to have dinner every night? (I'm totally kidding, don't write me a mean email.)) I threw them a bone. 

I suggested they play  tic tac toe in the backyard. All they needed were four jump ropes (or string, or sticks, or anything that makes lines) and something to throw in the squares...frisbees, balls, rocks, whateves. This game was a huge hit. I may or may not have even joined in the fun...and beat the husband. Good times, good times. 

say and pray bible giveaway.

Say and Pray Bible. This book is oh so very sweet! Perfect for the younger aged kiddos. Leave a comment below telling me some of your favorite words for a chance to win a copy for yourself or someone you love. 

I am fond of the words...darling, lovely, petrichor, hallelujah, relent, and so many more... 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Because kids outgrow diapers, not messes.*

Baby wipes aren't just for baby bums, any parent knows that. Huggies new #TripleClean offers a new technology, where no mess is too messy.

There are so many uses for baby wipes. I have used them for the following...
cleaning toilets
wiping faces
cleaning the car while the husband chauffeurs
pasta messes
muddy dog paws
cleaning the car seat
wiping up juicy watermelon
I read that you can use wipes to curl hair (just roll hair up, tie, and dry)
keep them in your car for sticky hands
clean your sneakers
remove makeup
cleaning off keyboards, phones, and tablets
wiping down dirty feet
carpet stains
cleaning the microwave
wipe the seats off on public toilets
wiping of a chalkboard or whiteboard
grease on backsplash or tile

I could go on and on...


What are some ways you use Huggies baby wipes?

Saturday, July 11, 2015

summer of pudding.

Kozy Shack makes a great tapioca pudding. Summer has been a time for gatherings and snacking. But let's be honest in summer, who has time to bake and prep treats? I know I sure don't. Enter, Kozy Shack. They offer great, wholesome choices that go straight from the fridge to the the party. Just scoop out a little tapioca into a fancy serving cup and add a few toppings and your done!

If you want to move towards one more step of laziness...set up a fun self serve pudding bar with multiple toppings and let your guest do all the work. We offered sprinkles, candy toppings, and cinnamon + sugar.

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The 4th.

The 4th might just be my favorite time of the year. I love everything about it. I love the summer days that never end, the smell of the pavement when it gets hot, anniversaries, baseball games and swim meets, Grandma Opal's apple pie, BBQ, homemade potato salad, sparklers and jumping over smoke bombs, swimming + improv slip-n-slides, American flags, patriotic colors, monkey man and joker chanting, and the stillness that seems to come with the excitement of children when the neighborhood lights up the sky with fireworks. 

This July 4th was one for the books, there were so many simple moments that filled my heart with pure joy. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Book giveaway.

Giveaway time! A big thanks to Tommy Nelson Mommy, for sponsoring this giveaway. This sweet little bible is perfect for littles, it offers thick pages and an easy to go handle. 

Somehow in youth group, as a kid, wearing your pants and bringing your bible to church got connected. It was something along the lines wouldn't leave the house with out your don't come to church without your bible...we had sayings like, "dang. I forgot my pants." and " did you bring your pants today?" ... Ahhhh, the good old days of youth group. 

Want to win a copy of this book? 

Leave a comment telling me your favorite memory connected with sling your bible to church.