Saturday, April 18, 2015


Happy 6th birthday (April 19th), Jude!!! Happy birthday to the boy who makes me smile all the time, to the boy who keeps my brain sharp, and has me asking Siri questions by the minute. Happy birthday to the be boy who knows more about geography than me, knows more presidents than I do, and let's face will probably be our smartest family member...if he isn't already. Happy birthday to the boy who thinks about and ponders God, is a life long Cardinal fan (as if he had a choice), loves the Dolphins (again probably wasn't a choice), and will watch golf. Happy birthday to the boy who doesn't like bubble gum, peanut butter, or soda. Happy birthday to the boy who fancies Casey's pizza, homemade pumpkin bread, and donuts. Happy birthday to the boy who likes lambie, has a tender heart, wants to travel the world, and always follows the rules. Happy birthday to our quietest, laid back, and most honest family member. Happy birthday to the realist. Happy birthday to the sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite and if they bite, bite them back , actually, and your the best in the whole world, boy. Happy birthday to the boy who loves his sisters and asks for a brother daily. Happy birthday to the lefty with gaps in his teeth, dimples, and sea glass colored eyes. 

I love you sooooooooooooooooo much, you are such a blessing. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

book giveaway.

These style books are my favorite for babies and toddlers. They are almost indestructible. Babies can throw, chew, drool, and play... and they stay in great shape. Throw in a good message and some baby animals...jackpot...perfect toddler book. Want a chance to win? Enter below...

book giveaway.

Nighttime Lullabies is such a darling little bedtime book! The illustrations are lovely and appeal to the toddler age group. My toddler loves the chunky style bind and I fancy the sturdy design. Want a chance to win? Enter below...


brave girls book giveaway.

Can we talk about how great this series is for young girls?? Brave girls is a line of books and devotionals geared totally towards girl power. The book takes your through the journey of each strong and courageous lady in the good word. The devotions put those stories to action. 

Would you like a chance to win this set of books? 

Enter below:

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

diy tic tac toe board.

diy tic tac toe board // step 1: hint around to your husband that you would really like those wood stumps just sitting there...abandon on the side of the road // step 2: it's helpful if your husband picks up on your hints and delivers the stumps to the backyard // step 3: throw in a handful of children who have "nothing" to do // step 4: search for the craft paint...note: this took about 15-20 mins...longer than the actual project itself // step 5: tape off a square and paint it the color of your choice (or blue b/c that is the only color paint you could find) // step 6: allow the paint to dry and then paint the a hash tag over the top // step 7: collect rocks // step 8: decide to paint half of the rocks gold // step 9: spend a good 10 minutes looking for the gold spay paint // step 10: paint rocks and then enjoy a good old fashion game of tic tac toe 

Friday, April 10, 2015


Who wants a bible?!! Tommy Nelson is offering a chance to win an early reader bible. This is perfect for those new readers in your life! This bible is filled with colorful maps and illustrations through out the pages. 

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book giveaway.

This sweet book is up for grabs today! It is perfect for your younger aged has a nice sturdy hard cover...for those children who are a little rougher on thier know just case you have a small child like that around your house.

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