Thursday, February 26, 2015


latley // we have been playing a lot of games (thank you winter) // games like life and mancala // we discovered the love of Polaroid film // did a little kids yoga // had a few dance parties (thanks again winter) // danced to this, this, and this // watched a little saved by the bell // started reading this devotion in the morning // read a school opinion story about why saved by the bell is the best show ever! // we consumed coffee strong coffee // discussed bulling and prayed // kissed chubby baby cheeks // roller skated // watched the eagle cam and talked ninja turtles // celebrated a birthday and enjoyed sleepovers // got 100 reading eggs! // asked siri life's great questions like what does the fox say? //  pizza and survivor night // 

what have you been up to lately? 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

DIY American Girl Doll paper doll magnets.

DIY American Girl Doll paper doll magnets. 

You'll need:
American Girl Doll magazine
magnets ( new or old ones cut up)

This project is pretty simple and fairly self explanatory. First cut out dolls and accessories. Then glue the cut pieces on to magnets and your done! 

Note: I wish this was my original idea!! I saw this on pinterest a while a back...I can't seem locate the post or I would give credit where credit is due.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

book review + giveaway

Any Duck Dynasty fans out there? If so, then this is the giveaway for you! Korie Robertson and Chrys Howard have come up with a very sweet and fun devotion for kids. Each devotion contains a scripture, a story, and a way to put those words into action. 

Want a chance to win a copy? Enter below....

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Dear Husband, Thanks for cooking diner the other night...ok and the night before that...ok and most of last month...ok. ok. Thanks cooking diner 90% of the is really more like 98% of the time...

Dear Clone of a Cinnabon, You were divine.

Dear Jude, You make me laugh. You're becoming such a great reader and an awesome skater! 

Dear Elisabeth, You are so sweet. I love how you love your siblings.

Dear Lyla, Dare I say it? You have been listening so well lately! Also, you are adorble.

Dear Brooklyn, You are getting so big! You can now roll over, and your eyes are dreamy.

Dear Valentines Day, I think I will celebrate you day after from now on...hello 75% off.

Dear Netflix, You don't really understand me. I have a kids account for a reason. I do not want to see anything Disney when I log into my profile. I have to listen to children shows and songs all the live long day...I don't want to see cartoons when I finally get a chance to sit and relax.

Dear Readers, This is such a great sermon on marriage. 

Dear Lamar's sour cream cake donut, I will never love another dessert more than I love you. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

book review + giveaway.

Search For The Shadow Key By Wanye Thomas Batson is the second book in his fantasy trilogy. This story follow Archer, a teenager, and his journey through dreams a while  trying to save  his family from the nightmare king. 

Want a chance to win a copy for you or a loved one? 

Enter below:  

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


I saw a pin a while back about how you could teach your children about weather using shaving cream, water, and food coloring.  One summer day while the children had a massive amount of energy were being perfect little angels, I decided to give this experiment a try. I had all the necessary items on hand. I set everything up, I called my offspring over to have a little fun and creative learning time. After we were all ready to engage our minds, I realized that I couldn't find the original pin/ article that actually taught the lesson...nice. I winged it, and by winged it I mean I totally made something up about clouds, rain, and kiddos totally bought my every word. :) Overall, we just played with the colors, water, and shaving cream...a whole lot of "let's see what happens if..." 

"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think."  // Albert Einstein

Do you ever just "lets see what happens" play?

Monday, February 9, 2015

'round here.

Testing, testing, 1...2...3. Is this thing on? Did my three faithful readers ( Hi mom! ) miss me? I made some goal about growing this little blog more in the year 2015 and then all together abandon it for about a month. Oh, well...

Here is a little recap of what we have been doing //  recovered from the flu // went back to school // had an 8th birthday // roller skates times 3 // snow that was followed by spring like days // watched the super bowl and ate brownies // spent a massive time in prayer // decided to start a revolution in our home // great news!! // roller skating // colds // chatted with picasso about not coloring on her baby sister // introduced saved by the bell // binge watch saved by the bell // 100th day of school // 4 months // 5 months // beautiful sunsets // birthday parties // sisters // a ninja turtle obsession // coffee and great worship // and more roller skating //

What have you been up to?