Sunday, January 5, 2014


I told you a while back I would be having a giveaway with Repreve. Well, here is it. One lucky reader will be receiving the same green Repreve hat shown in the above photo modeled by miss Lyla girl. I am all about being green, and even more about recycling. Afterall, we need to make sure our children inhertit a beautiful earth. We really don't have any excuses anymore to not recycle...I mean they come to your curb now...all you have to do it put it there. I know for a fact that my husband really really loves that I pile the blue recycle bin to very tip top, items over flowing everywhere, until I can stuff anything else in it...insert sheepish look here.  Speaking of my handsome husband, he claims this is the best hat he has ever worn. ever.

A little bit of info about this amazing green line // Repreve is a recycled fiber // Repreve contains recycled materials, including plastic bottles, it also helps conserve natural resources // Making Repreve uses less petroleum and emits fewer greenhouse gases // In 2012 Repreve help reclaim over 629 MILLION plastic bottles. // 

TOP brands are using this amazing recycled product! Brands like Volcom, The North Face, Ford, and Blue Avocado to name a few. It is nice to see these brands care about mother nature.

In what ways do you recycle? 
In what ways are you green?

This post is sponsed by Repreve, thanks Repreve! 

Lyla's hat is brought to you buy Repreve. Her glasses are from Build-a-bear and the  scratch on her nose...well we are not really sure how that came about.
* notes taken from Repreve website 

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